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YD La Mar

Soul of the Reaper

Soul of the Reaper

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Caught between the realms of the living and the dead, I'm the tortured son of a mortal woman and the Reaper himself.

I'm an anomaly.

Not fully human, yet not quite a reaper. My existence is a constant battle within myself, a struggle to reconcile the two halves of my soul. But amidst the chaos of my life, I found her—a fiery woman in the heart of Brooklyn. She was stubborn, infuriating, and I craved her more than my next breath.

When the cruel hands of fate intervene, I’m forced to make a decision. Venturing into the depths of the underworld, a sacrifice is made, leading me on a mission of revenge, fueled by love and driven by the need to protect what's mine.

But am I ready to face the wrath of those who tore us apart? And will she still love me when she sees the darkness that lurks within me?

Courtesy Warnings

This book may contain triggers for some. Triggers include but are not limited to descriptive non-con, torture, dismemberment, suicidal ideation, depression, violence, blood play, choking, biting, demons devouring human flesh, humans ripping human flesh, themes of human trafficking, themes that may be disturbing to some readers.


Dark paranormal, Mafia, enemies to lovers, alpha male, breeding kink, demons, horror, thriller, suspense

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