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YD La Mar

Bury Me Alive

Bury Me Alive

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My life isn't perfect, but it's better than being moved from family to family in the foster system.

But when Jaiden shows up on the scene, my whole existence turns into a desperate fight to understand why he looks at me the way he does...and why it makes me feel things I have no business feeling for my foster brother.


Something's not right about me.

My psyche is fragmented, I'm losing time, and I'm not myself.

My control is slipping, especially around Melanie, the foster sister I have no business wanting as much as I do.

It's anyone's guess who's more confused in our little game of cat and mouse, but when shit hits the literal fan, will I be a casualty of the darkness in my own head? And what secrets are hiding beneath the surface, lying in wait to strike when the moment is right?

Courtesy Warnings

This book may contain triggers for some. Triggers include but are not limited to dub-con, depressive thoughts, violence, scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.


Foster siblings, forbidden love, interracial, psychological, suspense

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