Featuring The Good Char

Creepy Court

Welcome to the ‘80s

Bright neon lights are humming. Tunes are cranked to the max. And everyone from preppies to punk rockers are chilling out at the Creepy Court Mall—the happening place in town.

But behind the glam, things are stranger than they seem. Gnarly monsters hide in plain sight, and they’re on the prowl for their perfect mate.

So mallrats, tease out those bangs and tight roll those jeans, and bounce to the mall today.

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Featuring Crimson Salt

Crimson Vendetta

Beware the monsters lurking between the pages of this book.

One glance, and you'll be hooked.

Demons, shadow beings, and goblins abound, starving for one thing—you.


The proceeds for this anthology go to The Humane Society.

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Featuring Actus Reus

For The Love of Villains

I shouldn’t be falling in love…

Fear fuels my every move…the pulsating adrenaline tickling my spine.

I shouldn’t sacrifice safe and secure for dangerous and deranged…

I shouldn’t be attracted to morally corrupt…


Arousal is coating my traumatized heart… 

And I’m running right into the arms of the wrong person.

The 𝒗𝒊𝒍𝒍𝒂𝒊𝒏.

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Featuring Suckers

Monsters in Love: Lost in the Deeps

From oceans and lakes to rivers and streams, monsters lure in their mates with their siren songs.

Get twined in tentacles and fantasize about fins as you, too, are lost in the deeps.

Welcome to Monsters in Love.

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Featuring Albatross

The Red Key Club: Halloween Monster Edition

The darkness calls. Creeping in the shadows, stalking behind you. With its breath against your skin, it whispers of salacious time for one fateful night. 

You’ll learn to crave it, you’ll never forget it, you’ll beg for more.

Will you answer Madame Cupid’s invitation? One key, One room. Everything you’ve never imagined lies beyond the door. 

The howls of the night will send a chill down your spine. Claws, fangs, tails and fur will fulfill your every debauched desire.

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Featuring Nagi Blood & Destiny

Monsters in Love: Aloha Nui Loa

A charity anthology to benefit those still recovering from the devastating Maui wildfires

Purchases are direct on Evangeline Priest’s website so funds can be distributed faster. ALL proceeds will go towards the Maui Strong fund

Monsters do it better—especially when they fall in love.

Dive into this stunning anthology filled with new and previously published short stories by some of your favorite monster romance authors.

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