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The executed

Crimson Dawn Chronicles, Book 1

(planned 4 books)

Shattered minds. Unyielding shadows. In the aftermath of collapse, where hope is a cruel myth, I stand alone, grappling with a mind fractured by terror. Humanity's remnants teeter on the brink, and survival is a bloodied, ruthless game.

Within me, an insidious transformation lurks, cloaked in mystery, a harbinger of an ancient hunger that refuses to be silenced.

Betrayal's chill bite has unraveled the fragile web of trust, leaving me exposed and condemned by those I once fought to shield. Imprisoned amongst the ruins, hunted by scavengers, I am the unwilling emblem of their deepest fears.

A whisper of life—or the shadow of poison—grows within, a secret that binds me to my found family: Eliseo, Reed, Gunner, Samuel. They are the light in the encroaching darkness, the echo of love in a loveless expanse.

There is no return from this abyss. The path ahead is veiled in the mists of treachery and lost souls. Yet in this nameless terror, where every heartbeat could be a requiem, I find my purpose. I am Sili, the hunted, the outlier, forging my destiny from the very darkness that seeks to consume me.

This is not just a fight for survival—it's a quest for the truth in a world that has abandoned it. It will be harrowing. It will be revelatory. It will be my uprising.