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I was born in a refugee camp when my family finally made it to freedom from autogenocide and labor camps.

I am now a wife to a wonderful husband, mother to two amazing munchkins (one on the spectrum), and a doggy momma. I’m an Occupational Therapist by profession, now a SAHM and author.

I am a reader first and foremost, like most of you. The ability to lose yourself in the page. I enjoy a wide variety of books from light and fluffy reads to books that are pitch black and dripping with blood. I love monsters and things that go bump in the night.


Art as a form of escape.

Art as a form of communication.

Art as a form of coping.

The power of words.

And now, it's my turn to breathe words into life.

Upcoming Book Signings 2024

Extraordinary Love

Pigoen Forge, TN

Oct 5-6


Blog Posts

Another Limited Edition Cover Available at the Pigeon Forge, TN Signing
Did you catch it? I am very impressed with Artista Gráfico on Facebook and their amazing work.Tickets are still on sale for the Extraordinary Love book signing in Pigeon Forge, TN for this coming October. Buy them here: have...
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Current Bookfunnel Promotion with FREE books
Hey Everyone!If you know me, you'll find that I tend to throw out free books every now and then. Most of them through bookfunnel promotions.Like this one! This FREE book promotion will be running all of April. It currently has my story Actus Reus up ...
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The Executed -- out early!
So, there was a little hiccup behind the scenes with KDP that caused my initial eBook to get canceled. But no worries, I tackled it first thing this morning and got it fixed.What does that mean for you all?It means you get The Executed early! As in t...
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Dual ARC released
For those of you on my Master ARC Team, this newsletter was sent out with not one, but two ARC opportunities. Monsters in Love: Lost in the FireThis ARC will only be for my specific story: Isolarel's Inferno (a short story sitting a little over 23k w...
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Dzik and Kimmy are here!
This story was fascinating to me.I wanted to showcase a heroine that was not only going through struggles at home, struggles of her age during the 80s, but I also wanted to tackle the fact that she was still trying to assimilate into western culture....
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It's Done
The Executed is done and currently with beta readers.This story has taken me on a wild, long journey I didn't anticipate. The ups, the downs, the emotional turmoil. It was the first time when... I felt as exhausted as the characters by the end of it ...
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Limited Edition Book Covers for the TN Signing
As anticipation builds for the upcoming book signing this coming October, I'm thrilled to unveil these two covers. If you are signed up to my newsletter, you were already privy to it early. I collected these beauts a while back and now you can too, t...
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Post Apocalypse is calling me back...
Sometimes it feels like a hot mess inside of my mind--but with an underlying method to my madness. Currently, I'm following my muse... and am adding to this guy (formally "Marked for Execution"). Perhaps I missed the post apocalyptic landscape and th...
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ARCs for The Good Char are out!
Yes, it's true. I was getting just as antsy as most of you were. So, I decided to release the ARCs early to my master arc team. Now, for the nervous wait to see what they all think.The Good Char started out as a fun little anthology piece for the Cre...
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