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Wildest Beauty ARCs are out!

For those of you who are on my master ARC list, the advanced reader copy of Wildest Beauty was delivered yesterday. Inside the newsletter you will find the entire anthology, but are welcomed to just review my story if you so choose. But I do suggest giving the other authors a chance! You never know if you'll find your next author to binge ;)

Amos Vos Omnes is a story about a half human who grew up in the colony on an alien planet... who finds herself lost and then found by a single Cicada-alien father. I lightly tied it together with Tia Fanning's story from the previous anthology, but it can still be fully read as a stand alone.

single dad single father alien dad alien romance science fiction bipoc other planet space yd la mar black heroine

Some of you may know that I enjoy tackling new themes and tropes from time to time.

And for this story, single father was the challenge I gave myself.

I rather enjoyed writing it, falling in love with science fiction once again in the process.

I guess I have Tia Fanning and Dani Carr to thank for that. 

The original anthology we created, called Pollinators, was lightly carried over to this one as an extension/spinoff. You can still find that anthology here:

science fiction romance dark romance aliens plant romance sentient plants satire comedy

Don't forget to set your calendars for the release of Wildest Beauty! It will be available on Amazon at the day of release due to us making this available widely on other sales platforms.