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The Executed -- out early!

So, there was a little hiccup behind the scenes with KDP that caused my initial eBook to get canceled. But no worries, I tackled it first thing this morning and got it fixed.

What does that mean for you all?

It means you get The Executed early! As in today, April 8th instead of the 11th as planned. The eBook is available on Amazon as well as on my website early, while the other platforms are going to release it on the 11th as planned.

early release the executed yd la mar post apocalypse dystopian vampires dark horror epic

Hopefully, this snap-fu doesn't happen again. My apologies if it affected anyone!

Some of the reviews are coming in and I'm enjoying reading them! Someone mentioned that they felt the story ended on a cliffhanger... I honestly thought it didn't. ROFL. But! this reader has now got my creative juices flowing and we may just see glimpses of these characters again in book 2.

So, thank you for that ;)