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It's Done

The Executed is done and currently with beta readers.

This story has taken me on a wild, long journey I didn't anticipate. The ups, the downs, the emotional turmoil. It was the first time when... I felt as exhausted as the characters by the end of it all. But I'm glad it came to this conclusion because the story feels more full.

post apocalypse dystopian vampires human genome resistance yd la mar airborne virus survival

How much can a person go through before their mind truly shatters? This story not only allowed to explore and discover that, it also allowed me to connect with my late mother... who survived so much through war to finally reach the land of the free.

I cannot wait for you all to get your hands on this because I'm dying to discuss things with you. These characters brought themselves to life in such a realistic way, my heart was pounding from time to time as I wrote certain scenes. Their emotions rolled into mine and some of their ups and downs drowned me with them.

The series title felt so fitting: Crimson Dawn Chronicles. It's sitting around 111,700k words.

I'm proud of this piece. I hope you all enjoy it too.