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Dual ARC released

For those of you on my Master ARC Team, this newsletter was sent out with not one, but two ARC opportunities.

monsters in love lost in the fire anthology book multiple authors isolarel's inferno international bestselling author yd la mar

Monsters in Love: Lost in the Fire

This ARC will only be for my specific story: Isolarel's Inferno (a short story sitting a little over 23k words)

This story has off page death, torture, severe burns and injuries, curses, reincarnation.

the executed dystopian post apocalypse vampire dark horror why choose novel international bestselling author yd la marThe Executed: Crimson Dawn Chronicles

This ARC is for an approximately 112k word dystopian/post apocalyptic novel.

Courtesy Warning: This book may contain triggers for some. Triggers include but are not limited to graphic violence, gore, massacres, dismemberment, explicit sexual content, dark themes of human trafficking, cults, sacrifices, flashbacks of non con, dub con, death by burning at the stake. Reader discretion is advised.

I'm excited to see what you all think of these little two pieces. Monsters in Love: Lost in the Fire will be released on March 24, 2024 while The Executed will be released on April 11, 2024.

Curious how you can get on my Master ARC team? Fill out the ARC Interest form here:

**Please note that filling out this form does NOT guarantee you a spot and I reserve the right to remove any one from my team if they are no longer a fit or if they are suspected of piracy.**