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Current Bookfunnel Promotion with FREE books

Hey Everyone!

If you know me, you'll find that I tend to throw out free books every now and then. Most of them through bookfunnel promotions.

Like this one! This FREE book promotion will be running all of April. It currently has my story Actus Reus up for free, so grab it while you can and dive into a short tale about a masked serial killer ;)

One of my goodreads reviews mentioned how short it was. This particular story was actually an anthology submission in the For the Love of Villains Anthology. Remember that one? That was a bunch of drama. But I didn't want to let it hold me down and the moment I received my rights back (the ONLY thing I received. womp womp), I threw it back out there for everyone.

I didn't want the experience to taint any of us, so the best thing to do was move forward and keep on keeping on.

Anyhow! There are few other stories on this bookfunnel promo that you should check out as well! I'm always one to support indie authors and I hope this promo helps get their name out too. There are so many readers out there, sometimes, all we needed was a little leg up and a few more eyes :)

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BOOKFUNNEL PROMO for the month of April:

As always, Thank you for your continued support of indie authors!