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ARCs for The Good Char are out!

Yes, it's true.

I was getting just as antsy as most of you were. So, I decided to release the ARCs early to my master arc team. Now, for the nervous wait to see what they all think.

The Good Char 80's dark monster horror romance comedy romcom arcs

The Good Char started out as a fun little anthology piece for the Creepy Court Anthology, a collection of story amongst good friends. I had a blast working with everyone in the lineup and we chatted constantly about each others stories and what was happening where and who had what store.

But like with most things, anthologies come to an end of their run. And after three months of it being up, Creepy Court was done.

But SJ Sanders and I figured since our demons were connected in the anthology piece, why not keep them that way? So, I decided to expand the story and it jumped from its original 27k to 51k+.

And I have to say, I love the characters more this time around. They were given a chance to have a better character arc and that made me feel good.

The Good Char releases on March 8th on multiple platforms. Keep your eye out and happy reading!