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Crimson Salt

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Renowned scientist Dr. Ascher made a ground-breaking discovery—a serum that could revolutionize human health. However, an accident in his lab resulted in him being doused with the experimental serum, transforming him into a monster. Now, a city is gripped by fear as a monster wreaks havoc, leaving chaos in its wake.

When Vienna Kelly, an ambitious investigative journalist, arrives to cover the story, she is drawn to the tragedies surrounding the presumed dead doctor. As she delves deeper, she stumbles upon Ascher's secret and discovers the man is still alive, but trapped behind the monster. A monster who feeds on and consists of blood.

As Vienna falls for Ascher and his tragic struggle, she becomes determined to help find a cure. Their growing love offers hope, but also makes them targets. Amidst fear, prejudice, and Ascher's uncontrollable transformations, can their love survive? Or will the city's terror tear them apart?

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