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Labels & Lace Series

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When the constrictions of labels limit us. Sometimes it takes the right person to be strong enough to unravel the stereotypes and wrap us in the right kind of lace.

★Labels & Lace is an Omnibus that includes The Formation of Us, The Conception of Us, The Revelation of Us and some bonus content at the end of book 1.★

Blurb from book 1:

Banished from the reservation before the fires even died down, my guilt and shadows followed me.

My hands stained in blood, a friendly soul helped me get back on my feet.

Through the lens of a friend's camera, my eyes catch the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

She wasn’t the kind of woman who let me admire her from afar.

Her confidence pulled me in, her strength helped break me out of my shell.

A slice of heaven I probably didn’t deserve.

When the dark stain on my soul rears its ugly head, will she be strong enough to remain by my side?

Or will she leave it all behind like ashes in the wind?


Courtesy Warning: This book may contain triggers for some. Triggers include but not limited to: domestic violence, violence, non con/dub con

*** This series may contain authentic speech used by the different nationalities/ethnicities represented in this book. Some grammar usage was purposely done with broken English to continue to allow the story to flow authentically. ***


Labels & Lace Series is a nerd romance with some older women and younger men, except for book 3. This is a steamy, contemporary romance trilogy featuring minorities.

Multiple POV


This series is meant for readers 18 and over.

You will get a EPUB (1MB) file

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