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Beguiled by the Beastly Baron

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Dear Miss Antônia Santos Pereira, at the bequest of your late father’s will and on account of your potential ruined status and age, her majesty has hereby ordered you to attend the Monsters Ball to find suitable prospects for your family lineage.

Antônia is back in London after the passing of her father. Living overseas most her life, without the burden of her family affairs, she is accustomed to a life that allows her to do as she pleases, when she pleases without answer to anyone. The missive changes everything, however, and affairs at court that weren't to have been her duty suddenly fall upon her. She will do as she must, but if her husband thinks he will rule her, he will be sadly mistaken.

Hiding behind the guise of a beastly baron, Louis Lockheart, the unseelie king has little patience for the giggling mass of women and the unsavory human world. He tolerates it for only one purpose: to find the one he was betrothed to long ago. When fate brings him face to face with her at the Monsters ball, he is determined to take what her father promised him. Through much headache and tribulation, he is intent on sweeping this innocent maiden off to the Unseelie Court, no matter the cost.

Can Antonia find love in this forced matrimony to a monster that both frightens and fascinates her, or is she doomed to be trapped in his courts lonely forever?


**The Beguiled by the Beastly Baron is a steamy regency monster romance and part of The Monster Ball collection.**

You will get a EPUB (1MB) file

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