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Sanchez and I make a great team.

She doesn't take shit from anyone, and it doesn't hurt that she's a hell of a looker, either.

But I've never been friendzoned harder in my life when I try to make my move, only to find the bombshell she's been banging leaving my partner's house.


I came to the bar for some fun, but I never expected such a prize to fall right into my lap.

Shuri is all smiles and seduction, and she's the perfect submissive.

The longer I see her, the more I want to make it a permanent thing.


When you find yourself in bed with a dominant, sexy woman, you don't stop to ask many questions.

I sure as hell didn't.

Franchesca's coworker, Emilio, looks at the two of us like he's won the lottery and lost his ticket all at the same breath.

Then he comes back for me, and my two new friends must race against the clock to save my ass.

When the dynamic shifts from a duo to a trio, is there really a need to choose?

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