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Nagi Blood & Destiny

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I am the first of my kind.

Born from the lineage of Naga King Hedros who once decimated the lands and conquered the entire western territories. I am a rare jewel amongst the scales and venom. My fate has bound me to a stranger—King Turalt, a birdman from another realm, one I never knew existed. He is not my chosen mate, but a collector of debts, his claim on me a payment for my father’s dues.

Living in a strange new land spirals my life into chaos when a curse morphs me into something unthinkable. I become a battleship—a living, breathing weapon hauled into war by the made I wed.

A glimmer of hope pierces the darkness when my faithful maid assists in my escape, guiding me back to the world I once knew. I find refuge with Vaso Gralia, my father’s commander, a man who always stirred longing within me. But my newfound freedom is temporary. Turalt learns of my flight, igniting a fierce battle for my possession that rages across realms and lineages.

Will I forever remain a pawn in the debts of others? Or can I find some way to navigate a world that blurs the lines between beast and battleship, duty and desire?

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