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Cássio’s last memory is of laughter and clinking glasses, and a Halloween party that should've ended with the rising sun. But instead of waking in his own bed, he finds himself in a reality that's constantly shifting—buildings morphing, faces changing, time bending, yet he has no idea how he came to be here. Nothing is as it should be as reality is ever-changing.

The only constant is Bakath. A mysterious being who appears to be more than what it seems. It’s presence is as constant as the key he finds in every environment, a key that doesn’t unlock any door, yet seems to hold the answer to this never ending nightmare.

A strange bond blooms amidst the chaos. But as he seeks answers, the boundaries of his reality become even more blurred. Is Bakath truly a companion in this hell he finds himself in, or could it be something more sinister?

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