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The Essence of Esme

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I woke up one day and found myself on an alien ship.

I don't know how I got here. My career was on its way up as a chef.

Too bad my love life wasn’t headed in the same direction.

Now I’m trying to find my new purpose among the crew, maybe I can put my cooking skills to work.

Along the way I find myself stumbling into a romance with the Captain of the Xox, a male who probably needs some anger management.

But life isn’t done throwing lemons at me.

When Trouble comes to our doorstep, will I be strong enough to survive in order to rescue my new friends?


My decision to save an innocent female on our way back from a simple retrieval mission changes my life forever.

All I have known is death and destruction.

This female ignites something in me.

My rage sometimes overtakes me, blinding me in the flames that consume me.

When trouble hits our ship, my beast growls in anticipation.

Will I be able to keep my beast from destroying not only my enemy but my own crew as well?

You will get a EPUB (1MB) file

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