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Warring Suns

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While living my life as an independent woman in the city, I become the object of a stalker’s obsession.

Then I discovered a talisman of sorts inside my work bag. What’s up with that?

One moment, I’m in my room netflixing and chilling solo, the next I wake up somewhere really hot… without my glasses, of all the worst-case scenarios.

Everything's a blur and it feels like Africa, but the two suns tell me otherwise.

I have no control over this teleporting that keeps happening, and now I find myself caught in the middle of a war between the 3 men from warring tribes...and my stalker.

Will I be strong enough to convince these guys to consider peace in a land that has known nothing but bloodshed, or will this be the last war their people will ever live to see?

You will get a EPUB (2MB) file

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