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Soul of the Reaper

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Caught between the realms of the living and the dead, I'm the tortured son of a mortal woman and the Reaper himself.

I'm an anomaly.

Not fully human, yet not quite a reaper. My existence is a constant battle within myself, a struggle to reconcile the two halves of my soul. But amidst the chaos of my life, I found her—a fiery woman in the heart of Brooklyn. She was stubborn, infuriating, and I craved her more than my next breath.

When the cruel hands of fate intervene, I’m forced to make a decision. Venturing into the depths of the underworld, a sacrifice is made, leading me on a mission of revenge, fueled by love and driven by the need to protect what's mine.

But am I ready to face the wrath of those who tore us apart? And will she still love me when she sees the darkness that lurks within me?

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