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Heart of the Reaper

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My dark past was only a foreshadowing of my future.

Once an ordinary girl, my life was forever altered when those I trusted the most gave into their dark desires. I was cast into the underworld, but I didn't belong there.

And he knew it.

The Reaper, the formidable ruler of this realm, spared me, sending me back to a human world I no longer recognized.

I should have been grateful, but instead, I found myself missing the one who cast me out. And I wasn't the only one grappling with unexpected longing. The Reaper himself, against all reason, yearned for me. Consumed by this unfamiliar desire, he waged wars, devoured souls, and defied his nature, just to take a human form and win my heart.

But can a mortal woman truly love Death? And what happens when the heart I hold in my hands is the most dangerous thing of all?

Heart of the Reaper tales from the underworld indie author yd la mar

This ebook includes Heart of the Reaper: Tales from the Underworld (book 1.5)

Reese is bred and our spawn grows within her. Left to her own devices, she consistently finds herself running into trouble.

Can she not keep herself in the underworld and under the care of the demons? There are souls to be reaped, things to be done.

When the spawn makes a surprise appearance, I find myself in a precarious situation. My little Reese refuses to awaken. Anger and fury turns into chaos and destruction as humanity is forced to suffer my pain.

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