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In the depths of our shared past, Derrick and I fought our way out of the shadows. The beach became our refuge, our escape from the pain that haunted us. But my own demons led me astray, seeking solace in a sinister cult desperate for belonging.

That fateful night, when I convinced Derrick to join me, I was unaware of the horrors awaiting us. Together, we were driven to the brink of horror as we stumbled upon the cult's sinister intentions. Delizah, a pregnant woman, on the brink of sacrifice.

Igniting a daring rescue mission, Derrick and I set out to defy the darkness. Yet, our actions unknowingly summoned an ancient and malevolent force. It consumed him, leaving me desperate.

Now, the world teeters on the edge of oblivion. Delizah and I must uncover the cult's secrets, battling a monstrous deity hungry for dominion.

In a race against time, we must rescue Derrick and protect the world from impending doom. Can we overcome the encroaching darkness, or will we be consumed by the very evil we face?

Prepare for a dance with the occult, where loyalty and sacrifice collide, and the line between savior and monster becomes blurred.

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