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In a world strictly divided by social class, I’d grown accustomed to my position.

It was luck that took me from a poor farm boy to a servant in the castle, tending one of the Lord’s many Omegas.

Trust me, there are far worse positions than serving a lady in the harem.

As quickly as I came to this position, though, it was taken.

One moment of getting a little too close to the omega I served was enough to land me a prisoner in the dungeons with the others the Lord took favor from.

Kept in cages, tortured or worse for the Lord’s pleasure, we’re seen as little more than animals.

But I’ve had enough. I refuse to spend the rest of my life in this filth, doomed to the hands of a Lord not worthy of his station.

My escape isn’t going to end in me running to hide.

No…I’m taking my place among the alphas, and the little omega that landed me in this dungeon— she’s going to be mine.

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