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Her 13th Hour

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Some days are unforgettable because they burn a memory into the fiber of our souls.

The legend of the thirteenth son born to a witch and demon. No one believed me when I saw the Jersey Devil. At the tender age of five, they said that it was my imagination. He was just an urban legend, a myth around these parts. My brother, my protector, was there too—saving me from a demon who broke into our basement.

It’s been years since that moment and life went on.

I’ve picked up the pieces. Had a decent job. A best friend I adore.

Until we found each other again.

But this time, it wasn’t him standing over me but me standing over him.

It took the past coming back and seeing it through new lenses for me to finally understand why I was never able to let it go.

Will I be able to give up my world and everything I know for a beast that’s claimed my heart? Will I be able to make the right decision when the hour tolls?

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