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Délivrance: Shiqui Mercenary

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From soldier to mercenary, I found myself escaping the threat of an ambassador who wanted me to increase the female slave population upon pain of death.

I was tired of their ƈαxҽɳ crap anyway. I was a warrior, not a trafficker.

After crash-landing on a planet mostly covered by water, I was captured by the locals. They were an archaic and brutal lot that took enjoyment from my tortured screams.

Little did they know that you can’t keep a Shiqui warrior down, especially when the heady scent of a female spurs our bloodlust. There was nothing stopping that biological rage.

Escape was the easy part. Finding what was mine with another male… ƈαx, that was easy too. I would still claim what was mine. And I didn’t share. But even when it does get hard, nothing changes. I would massacre anything that stood in my way.

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