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The Hunger of Thieves

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In a time of darkness, survival was all that remained.

Existence uprooted by the swath of destruction all around me, the screams quickly became our lullabies in the night.

With death constantly at my heels, the fear left in my heart led me to isolation.

That only made me a more tempting target for the darkness.

I should have known it would find me again.


In a time when human remains littered the ground as easily as fallen leaves, the breath of life was a rarity.

Yet, here she was, alone in my woods, and curiously alive.

Bored of the wandering souls around me, I found pleasure in her screams.

Her nightmares drew me in, but it was her darkness that kept me there.

The mysteries of this little female leave me enthralled.

Little did I know, she would be my own downfall.

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