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Current Anthologies


Most of these anthologies are out for a limited time run of about 3 months. Once they are gone, they are gone for good. Collect them while you can!

Monsters in Love: Lost in the Fire

Featuring Isolarel's Inferno by YD La Mar

Welcome to Monsters in Love

Flames crackle and sparks fly as monsters search through the smoke for their true loves. Grab a cold drink and a fan as you settle in with creatures both spicy and sweet, who all have one thing in common: These scorching beasts are guaranteed to have you feeling all kinds of hot and bothered.

Wildest Beauty: A Pollenverse Anthology

Featuring Amo Vos Omnes by YD La Mar

Dominant insect life forms. Sentient plants looking for love. Stranded humans trapped on wondrous alien worlds. These are bold, dark sci-fi romance stories for those er0tic readers looking for something new and unusual, hedonistic and fun. Sensual. Sexy. Seductive. Let the carnal adventures begin.

Coming May 20th