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The Good Char

Life had always felt like a never-ending loop of expectations and rules. That's why when I spotted the "Help Wanted" sign at The Good Char, the hotdog on a stick food place in the mall. It was perfect! Like the condiments were calling my name. Little did I know, stepping into that vibrant hotdog stand would lead me straight into hell.

Dzik, my grumpy manager with an air of mystery about him, brooded and grumbled even after he hired me. His standoffish ways made me curious, even as his sharp wit tested my patience. As I served customers and wielded the tongs, a slow realization dawned on me—there was something different about this place, something beyond the ordinary.

With each passing day, I found myself fascinated by Dzik's gruff exterior. There was something more to him, something hidden and intriguing. Through the grease-splattered aprons and shared moments at the grill, I caught glimpses of it.

Then I found out what it was.

He’s a demon, banished from the underworld, working as my manager.

Now I’m not sure which of us is actually being punished.

Author Notes: This is horror romance comedy based in the 1980s. Grumpy/sunshine themes. This story takes place after The Hunger of Thieves but before Heart of the Reaper and is part of the Soul Taker Series.


Once the voices become louder, my hands become a vessel and worlds slowly bloom.

I make an effort to utilize minorities as my character leads in the books I write. I feel this is my calling. How ​many times have I, myself, searched high and low for romance/dark romance... or any book for that mater... ​that had characters I could relate to? Only to come up with very few or none at all.

It shouldn’t have to be this way.​

I want to be able to bring these worlds to the people who aren’t normally heard. I want to be able to be an ​open enough indie author to always be an ear for those who need it - to be able to create something ​beautiful my readers can be proud to be a part of.​